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About Us

In our house, we love to celebrate - my two children are always dreaming up a new party idea or finding an occasion out of anything. Even setting the table for dinner can often be a super creative exercise, where they will make it "all fancy" with place cards and flowers.

Birthdays are our favourite days, and we get such a kick out of concocting new traditions and what we are going to do to mark the happy day - a pancake breakfast in bed with balloons and presents is a must ! They reminded me how much fun it was to follow your imagination, to be completely absorbed in something you enjoy and of course, go to a party ......

With an IT career background, a life-long stationery addict and constant doodler (always drew hearts on everything), becoming a graphic designer and building Sambellina is a creative dream and passion I didn't know I had.

Jumping into the party scene with both feet in 2009, our range of classic party accessories were an instant hit. Nearly 5 years on, with a fantastic and dedicated team, we are forever inspired to design new and exciting products that haven't seen before and to help make it easier to create a very special (and stylish) celebration.

We have been thrilled to see our partyware chosen for many kinds of occasions for all ages - a pop of colour to a casual BBQ or picnic, sophisticated style to a cocktail party, or to set a sweet birthday table. Sambellina has become known for gorgeous quality and colours, attention to detail and timeless designs that our customers have come to love the world over....and the party is just getting bigger !

Welcome ! I hope you find something you like, and may all of your celebrations spill over with happiness, family, friends, love and of course, cake ....